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  Safety Features
  ◊ Increased safety is realized by adopting a double lock.
  ◊ The dead-man's control system is adopted for the operation. The device stops on the spot when the caretaker
     releases the control switch.
  ◊ if the motor shoul stop in the middle of the stairs, the electromagnetic brake prevents it from going down.
  ◊ After setting a wheel chair, the handle part has to be securely locked for the device to operate.
  ◊ The emergency stop button stops it immediately.
  Simple Operation
  ◊ Stair Aid requires little strength. Setting a wheel chair, going up anddown on stairs, disassembling componeents
     -all this can be done smoothly and with simple operation.
  Easy Maintenance
  ◊ Sealed Lead Acid (maintenance free) battery is used, which means no leak and on leak and no need of a water
     supply. The charger is equipped with an auto power-off feature, which prevents excess charging and extends
     the usable life of the battery.
 Maximum load  130kg/1 person
 Weight  52kg (with battery pack)
 Size  (L)1,468X (W)636X (H)934mm
 Battery  DC 12V (6Vx2 pieces-20Ah)
 Battery capacity  Approx 30 min per one charge
 Ascend speed  Approx 20 steps (6.45m) per min
 Descend speed  Approx 28 steps (8.81m) per min
 Max stair angle  35 degrees
  ◊ Stair Aid can be disassembled into 3 components-drive
     unit, battery pack, and handle part, and can easily be
     loaded into a car.
  Special Rubber Clawler
  ◊ The tuning part is made of specially designed rubber
     clawlers, which protect the scratching of steel, concrete,
     carpet and even wooden stairs.
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