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OMEGA Platform Lift ( Indoor execution )

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  • ӧҹѺѹçкѹ¹
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The OMEGA platform lift gives wheelchair users or disabled people the possibility to overcome staircases or steep ramps without and attendant assistance.

Indoors or outdoors - the lift gently integrates into every surrounding area. Whether for private or public uses, straight or curved staircases, the OMEGA is asynonym for mobility,quality and pleasure of life.

Because of the extreme space saving and compact construction, the installation is possible at almost all staircases. When the platform is folded the OMEGA is the narrowest stairlift on the market!

Our experience is your advantage !

» Suitable for all kinds of staircases

» Extremely space saving because of its slim construction

» Confirming to the highest safety and quality standards - CE certified

» Intermediate landings are possible

» Universal exertion - executed with platform and/or folding seat

» Individual platform sizes and colours are possible

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