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Platform Lift Elevex

Elevex The Residential Vertidcal Platform Lift



      The "Elevex" vertical platform lift has been designed to provide easy access for the elderly or physically challenged. As a hard-working, lov-maintenance accessibility tool that sets the standard for residential wheelchair lifts, this ruggedly constructed lift has been proven in both outdoor and indoor applications. Easy to use and fast and simple to install, this lift provides an optimal solution for residential access, lifting up to 183 cm.

      We engineer all of our wheelchair lift for their users' safety and comfort. Each uni undergoes rigorous testing for quality assurance prior to shipping. The ACME screw drive system offers a safe and reliable operation for its users.
Power supply: 1x230V / 50Hz
Drive system: ACME screw
Motor power: 0,75kW
Loading capacity: 340kg
Platform dimension: 914mm x 1372mm
Travel speed: 0,04m/s
Installation location: Indoor and outdoor
Maximum travel height: 1829mm
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