Wheelchair MiKi wheelchair  wheelchair ˹ѡ
Wheelchair Comfort wheelchair 俿 wheelchair
Power Wheelchair wheelchair 俿

Platform Lift ԿǺѹ Stairlift
Poollift ԿѺ ŧ¹
ԿѺ ŧͧԹ
lift ԿѺ-ŧѹ
Lift car ԿѺ-ŧö¹
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SUNWA Stair lift CARRYDUN : siamnissin.com


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It can be stopped in the middle of the stairs. It is easy to move on a flat surface too. Descend speed is controlled automatically.
Even while going down on stairs. It stops immediately when the caretaker releases the control handle, so you can avoid the secondary disaster when there are barricades caused by a collapse. Folded CarryDun opens with one touch. It moves smoothly on a flat surface with 6-wheel tires. Descend speed is constant. It is set at practically th same speed as general people that evacuate. It doesn't speed up in the middle of the stairs,
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